Garbedge Designs

Garbedge Designs

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Visits from Garbedge Past: A Year in Review

Revisiting some of my favorite garments from 2014


Repurposed vest made entirely from Kai's cast-off Carhartt pelts. 
There were a few incarnations before I was happy with the style, but in the end she was a pieced together femm beauty.

Sold to sweet Geraldine in Ireland.
Geraldine's review of her purchase: "My favourite item in my wardrobe!" 


Button down linen crop top in black and brown with scavenged copper buttons.
Sold to a sweetheart in Pasadena, California.


Brown linen tulip skirt with brown canvas waist. 
Also sold to Geraldine in Ireland. Girl's got style...!


Open-back linen tank with pater pan collar.
Also, ignore my attempts at modeling, or in other words, don't look at me!

Sold to a lady in Reno. Her item review:
"Ahhhhmazing quality and detail. The sizing is true to fit. Shipment was on time. Comfortable and sexy. Killer shop! Love love love."

Oh, my self indulgence...


The Rheanin top. 
Made from yet another one of Kai's discarded and oversized teeshirts. 
I was particularly attached to this one, as it came right off the RAW runway in Brooklyn.
First Garbedge Fashion Show; maybe the last Garbedge fashion show.

I was happy to see it sell to someone in Vermont.


This striped ruffled tank-top that's hangin' off of little Allie.

Sold to Miss Urban in NYC.

Six seems like a weird number to land on, but my favorites are my favorites.
Happy 2015 everybody. It's a comin!

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