Garbedge Designs

Garbedge Designs

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cleanin' Out the Garbedge Closet, part 2

Here I go, giving away more free clothes. 

Princess-cut Embroidered Khaki Dress 


Princess-cut Canvas Dress

You can just barely see it peeking out from underneath the hem, but the lining is made from an old cotton bed sheet I had as a kid. Shades of brown printed with ferns and dragon-flies. 

+LENGTH 31.5"
+BUST 32"
+WAIST 28"

Silver ball-chain and eyelet fastener.
Side zipper (metal teeth, so beware the the zip snip)

Gray-green Canvas Short-shorts

+8.5" RISE

Loose-fitting A-line

How long ago did I make this? Forever endeavor.

Zips up the back with a 10" zipper.
SIZE 3-4

Lace-backed white Tee

I have one of these in a S (pictured). It's repurposed from those soft jersey bedsheets. There is a tiny hole worn at the bottom front, but it's nothing noticeable.  I also have one in a M which is in mint condition and not repurposed.

See something you want? Let me know!

These clothes are all in good shape, they just aren't things I want in my shop / or were things I was practicing on so the quality isn't quite up to snuff. 

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