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Garbedge Designs

Friday, July 8, 2016

Thrifting a New Etsy Listing

 I scored this pretty pink floral material at a thrift store a few months ago. It was the first time I'd been into Threads of Hope, and they had some siqq shit for a fabric hungry seamstress.  What better way to kill the 15 minutes I had before my psychiatry appointment? If I can't have NYC's Garment District at my finger tips anymore, at least I can thrift me some good textiles here and there.

 The floral is slinky and hard to keep folded, which, as any good textile hoarder knows is the most obnoxious quality a fabric can have. After it slithered off my fabric shelf and onto the floor for just about the millionth time I decided it was time to get it off my shelf. 

I had been desperately wanting to put a few new summer designs in my Etsy shop, so I made this flouncy little number. (Skirt is available here in sizes XS-3XL). 

Gathered. Elastic waistband. Lightweight. Slinky. Rolled hem. 

I'm keeping one for myself, because this is going to be the summer of wearing things I don't usually wear. This means, I'm coming for you, dresses! I'm coming for you skirts and above all, I'm coming for you, not-wearing-the-same-thing-everyday. Summer is busy for me, and Garbedge Clothes is seriously still lacking in debuting summer items. So here. Here is a very simple summery skirt that I made just for you (anybody, really). But mostly just for you. 


 I only have enough fabric for 2-4 more skirts, depending on what size(s) people order.

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