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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Call of Booty: Garbedge Booty Shorts 101

First things first.

Call of Booty is an awesome pun.

Right from the very beginning, the booty shorts and ladies' boxer briefs were my top sellers. Good for everything from sleeping to wearing underneath a dress to avoid bearing your unders during wind or cartwheel season, they are also cute, and quick to make. 

My favorite variety have the fold-over waist band. We'll start with those.

This allows for an adjustable rise--meaning that depending on how you fold 'em, they can sit low around your hips or high up towards your belly button. It also makes them easy to fit, a factor that becomes especially important when buying clothes online. Because the shorts don't have any added elastic band in the waist, they won't cut into the fleshier parts of the hips. Still snug and firm around the waist, the fold-over waist band adjusts to fit just right. 

Then of course there is this classic:

The Drawstring 

This waistband allows for some of the same flexibility the fold-over waistband does, also adding an extra little flare. While the drawstring shorts can't be adjusted in terms of the rise, custom changes can  easily be made to the design for those who want higher waisted shorts.  


I love to make custom tweaks to your garment so that you are indeed getting exactly what you're looking for! I very rarely charge extra for custom changes--unless of course the request requires me to make an entirely new pattern, or uses significantly more materials. 

I sew my own cording for the drawstring shorts, so not only will the cord match and look just right, but it will give and stretch just like the rest of the shorts do.


Aside from the waistband, 
there are some other crucial distinctions to make, most importantly between the three styles of shorts I sell. So far we've seen only the true booty shorts. 
Here's one more, for good measure.

Next, we have the... 

Boxer Briefs. 

These are very different from the booty shorts. They have a completely different design, shape, feel, and look. These shorts are excellent loungewear, great for the gym or for yoga, wonderful under skirts and dresses, and great simply on their own. Originally, I designed these shorts by special request on Etsy. A women had written to me requesting a pair of sleep shorts that would "hold" her thighs. She was six months pregnant and terribly uncomfortable at night.  She had always been one to sleep naked or in her husband's boxers, which no longer fit her. And the naked thing, she said, was more uncomfortable feeling than any clothing. The buyer requested that there be no seam running through the crotch (at least, not one in line with the butt crack) as well as a sturdy fit that would feel secure and not bunchy.  

The result was my Ladies' Boxer Briefs, A.K.A. The Cup Your Bum and Hold Your Thighs shorts.
These are hands down my top selling item and receive nothing but rave reviews. Here's what I did: I moved the crotch seam to the sides of the legs, and added a square panel into the crotch so that the shorts are virtually wedgie proof. Because there is no seam in the crotch, they can be worn with or without underwear. The inseam is just about 6" in length, though, this can easily be shortened or lengthened by request.

Heather gray Ladies' Boxer Briefs 

Last of all there's the...


These shorts have a basic design similar to the classic booty shorts with a few crucial changes that create an adorable elastic bloomer. These shorts have a basic waistband--meaning, it's not a fold-over and it's not drawstring. Instead the same soft jersey that composes the body of the shorts extends up into a fold. Depending on the sturdiness of the fabric you choose, I do sometimes add a very soft and giving elastic into the waistband for extra elasticity.

The next feature of these shorts lots of loose gathered fabric around the booty, sides of the legs and front, creating a loose feel and that bloomery poof we all love so much. The hems of each leg are gathered into a soft jersey band, completing the bloomer shape. These shorts are particularly nice for yoga and lounging in my opinion. Because of the loose fit of the material--not to mention the wonderful stretch--they allow for a superb range of movement, yet because the hems fit snugly around the thigh, they stay in place and hide your unders and don't ride up.


Forever Yours from the Garbedge Etsy: Clothing booties since 2014.

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