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Garbedge Designs

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Basics in Booty: Some of the Best Ways to Literally Cover Your Ass

...and maybe a little about sewing stretch fabrics.
The way I see it, everybody's got a booty. And sometimes they've just got to be covered up. These shorts are all made of a soft cotton jersey with a whole lotta comfy stretch. They are easy to make, once you've got the basics of sewing stretch fabrics under your belt. Aside from the right needle, the right thread, and the right stitch (all of which depend on the specifics of your fabric), you might wanna try a walking foot: 

They can be a little expensive, but they work wonders:

If you don't have a walking foot, try a twin needle for smoother, less puckered seams. 
Once you've got the seams under control, your ready for the actual shorts.

Black and white stripes

Foldover waist band

Lettuce ruffled hem

Or you could try...


A drawstring waist

And a ribbed ruffle

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