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Garbedge Designs

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cleanin' Out the Garbedge Closet

...and you know what that means!

If you pay for shipping, I will send you these hand-made articles of clothing for free. I just want them to have good homes. 

First up, there's this extra tiny tee.

What a stud, right?


The sleeves are made of a paint studded cotton bottom-weight, and the rest is a super stretchy soft jersey. This top is real old-school Garbedge from the Devoe Street days in Brooklyn, when my bike had a place to hang in the hallway, and Maya and I were building a vegetable garden in the courtyard, and I slept by the ceiling in a bunk bed with Chessy.

Next up, we've got  the Endless Struggle Teeshirt Dress


Made from the cast-off XL teeshirt of my old landlord, a skateboarding, ex-edgman Brooklyn daddy of two with a knack for sculpture and hella clothes to bestow upon me to meet my sewing dreams.

Do you have a tiny butt?
These might be for you.


Waistband: 26"
Rise: 8.5"
Inseam: 26.5"

These jeans are made of a heavy cotton canvas. 
Reinforced with copper rivets.
X pocket detailing.

My best guess would be that these are a 00, but I'm not entirely sure.  
All I know is that they are too little for my booty. 
Just a note: the machine I use for rivets and tack buttons happens to be named THE DEEP THROAT.
Just sayin'.

And then...
The scoop-neck elegant tee. 

I don't have any good pictures of these, but you get the idea.
This shirt has no ribbing around the sleeves or neckline, so the shirt drapes in a real pretty and simple way. There is a decorative seam running up the back. 

I have 6 of these in stock right now: Two pale gray, two white, one bluish gray, and one in lace. They are all a size M.

LENGTH (shoulder to hem) 23.5"
HIPS 36"
BUST 39"

Black Jersey Tunic Top


This top is made of a super light-weight black jersey. 
It's almost long enough to be a dress. Almost.

+24.5" LENGTH (shoulder to hem)
+30" WAISTLINE (at seam)

If you are interested in anything, please e-mail me at

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